50 Rounds of 42gr Frangible .223 Ammo by Armscor

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This is frangible ammunition, and if you’re wondering just what that means, we’ve got your answer. A frangible round is just like any other target round with the exception of the bullet, which is quite different. A frangible bullet is made of compressed copper powder instead of a lead core with a copper jacket, and it’s made to crumble apart when it impacts something stronger than itself. There are many great uses for this ammunition, such as close-quarters training, because it drastically reduces the risk of ricochet. In fact, many military and law enforcement members breaching doors use frangible rounds in their shotguns to prevent ricochet. It also reduces over-penetration risks since it simply shatters and is sometimes used for varmint hunting because it prevents skipping. These are fantastic rounds, and this time they’re here for your .223.

At 42 grain these are .223’s are incredibly lightweight, but that’s to be expected with a frangible round. As mentioned above, these are frangible rounds, also known as RR, or Reduced Ricochet. That means the bullet shatters on impact, making these a good choice for drills such as CQT – Close Quarters Training. They can also be used as target rounds in general and are great for steel-plate shooting. This ammunition has impressive speed with a muzzle velocity of 3330 feet per second. Armscor manufactures these as new production, non-corrosive brass cases using boxer primer, so you can burn through the box, police your spent brass, reload, and hit the range yet again.

There are 50 frangible rounds in this box. Armscor manufactures them at their plant in Marikina, Philippines, where the family-owned business has been for years since the President of the Philippines granted them permission to manufacture firearms and ammunition locally. The company is known for their precision and use of state-of-the-art technology; they use Computerized Numerical Control in their manufacturing process. If you want to reduce ricochet and remove the risk of over-penetration in your firearms training, this is the ammunition for you. Order now and make your CQT and steel-plate shooting safer.

50 Rounds of 42gr Frangible .223 Ammo by Armscor

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