1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT .223 Ammo by Armscor

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This ammunition is for avid shooters intent on mastering their rifle skills. Armscor’s cartridges and components are used by a wide range of experienced marksmen, including law enforcement officers, members of the military, and focused hobbyists. This ammunition is loaded in Montana with CCI primers and Saint Marks Powder and has Armscor’s Philippines plant’s sixty-plus years of craftsmanship backing it. To keep your rifle fed and cycling reliably during a long day of target practice, order these Armscor .223 55 grain FMJBT rounds.

When you’re looking for well-made rounds at a decent price, you’re looking for Armscor. And not only is this ammunition reasonably priced but every round has a fresh brass case, making it reloadable. It’s even boxer primed for easier reloading. That means you’re getting even more for your money. And because Armscor spends the time and money to use higher-quality crimped and sealed cases than your average .223 Remington maker does, these rounds feed more dependably and perform better at high temperatures.

If you want speed, this ammunition has it in spades. At 55 grain, these are medium-weight rifle rounds, and they come zipping out of your rifle’s muzzle at a velocity of 3050 feet per second. And at 1136 foot-pounds, they pack a neat punch, too. They’re also easier on your barrel because they’re non-corrosive. Shooters who have used Armscor’s .223 55 grain FMJBT rounds say their guns stay cleaner than with other target rounds and praise their grouping.

Don’t wait another second to order this 1000-round box of ammunition. Isn’t it time you gave your rifle a solid meal? With a box of ammunition this size, your rifle will finally get a satisfying meal and you’ll get some quality time at target practice or plinking. And just think, when you’re done, you can collect your brass, reload, and go right back for more. Now that’s a good deal.

1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT .223 Ammo by Armscor

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