50 Rounds of 158gr FMJ .357 Mag Ammo by Armscor

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The .357 Magnum has a well-deserved reputation as a fantastic self-defense round thanks to its one-shot stopping power. It’s certainly a phenomenally tough gun; if you want to stop an assailant in their tracks, this’ll do it. It has other things in its favor, too though. For one thing it’s also a reliable hunting round for small and medium game and will also take down deer without any trouble. And of course there’s the fact that revolvers chambered in .357 Magnum can also fire .38 Special cartridges, which not only cost less but have less recoil, are more quiet, and don’t have much muzzle flash. They’re versatile guns, and they’ve got big appetites.

These particular .357 Magnum rounds are made by the Arms Corporation of the Philippines, commonly known as Armscor. Armscor was founded immediately after World War II after receiving permission from the President of the Philippines to manufacture ammunition locally, and today they distribute their products all around the world. State-of-the-art technology is used to make Armscor ammunition including Computerized Numerical Control for accuracy and precise craftsmanship. They have a solid reputation for quality and the largest arms and ammunition manufacturer in Southeast Asia.

At 158 grain these are medium-weight rounds capable of putting massive holes in your targets while traveling at impressive speeds. They’re FMJ rounds and do no expand on impact, so they’re best for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking. Each round goes flying towards your target with blinding speed at a muzzle velocity of 1875 feet per second and impact with terrific force at a muzzle energy of 984 foot-pounds. These are fresh brass cases with boxer primer and can be reloaded; you get 50 target rounds in this single box of ammunition. Isn’t it time you hit the range with your .357 Magnum?

50 Rounds of 158gr FMJ .357 Mag Ammo by Armscor

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