1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT 5.56x45 Ammo by Armscor

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The 5.56x45 NATO has been in service since 1980, but its creation took place over the course of decades. As rifle cartridge standards changed for branches of the military worldwide, a number of cartridges were created and replaced, including the .30-06 Springfield, 7.62x51mm NATO, and the .222 Remington. Finally there was the .223 Remington, a cartridge with the same outer dimensions as the 5.56 NATO. But the .223 Remington wasn’t quite as powerful as NATO wanted, and so they packed it to a higher pressure, eventually coming up with the 5.56 NATO. The round has been in use since the invasion of Grenada, and today it is enjoyed by rifle aficionados around the world.

Armscor manufactures this ammunition to meet SAAMI or CIP standards at competitive prices. The company’s full name is the Arms Corporation of the Philippines; they were founded after World War II and have a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. They are also the largest ammunition manufacturer in Southeast Asia. When it comes to the production of affordable, well-made ammunition, Armscor has made their mark on the industry, and if you want to keep your rifle well-fed without breaking the bank, this ammunition makes it possible.

These are lightweight 55 grain rounds. Their FMJBT makes them ideal for target practice, tactical training, and plinking; their boat tails give them better cross-wind resistance and a flatter trajectory, so you can use them to hone your long-range skills. Armscor produces them in fresh brass cases with boxer primer, so you can reload them, and that makes this an even more fantastic deal. After all, there are 1,000 rounds in this box of ammunition, and when you consider possible doubling that number through reloads, you simply cannot deny the amazing value of this 5.56 NATO.

(Although 5.56x45 NATO does fit in a .223 Remington chamber, the 5.56 is a military, high-pressure round and is not recommended for use in a .223 Remington chamber.)

1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT 5.56x45 Ammo by Armscor

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