20 Rounds of 180gr TTSX 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Barnes

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In 1932 in Bayfield, Colorado, Fred Barnes began selling handmade bullets out of his basement. He was unhappy with what was on the market at the time and decided to make his own; at the time handloading was brand new and rare, making Fred Barnes a pioneer in the field. When he created a bullet with a soft lead core and 99% pure copper tubing – a bullet capable of fantastic penetration and impressive expansion – he knew he had something special. In 1939 Barnes went commercial, becoming the only custom bullet seller in North America.

At 180 grain these are reasonably heavy rounds for the .30-06. Their heavier weight means they’ll hit with enormous force and do serious damage on impact, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still move fast; these rounds are going to fly down-range with lightning quickness. This is Barnes Vor-TX ammunition; it’s precision-loaded for terminal performance and fine accuracy. Each round is loaded with a TTSX bullet capable of double-diameter expansion and incredible energy transfer. On impact the TTSX opens into four cutting petals, tearing into the target with stunning power to create a devastating wound cavity. These are truly impressive .30-06 rounds.

Each of these rounds leaves the barrel of your rifle with the mind-blowing muzzle velocity of 2700 feet per second and impacts your target with the muzzle energy of 2914 foot-pounds. Barnes makes this ammunition specifically for hunting. When you order this single box of ammunition you get 20 rounds of Barnes Vor-TX. Barnes manufactures their ammunition in Lindon, Utah. If you use your .30-06 for hunting, you already know what it’s capable of, but if you want to unleash its true power, you want this ammunition. Get your order in and find out what your rifle can really do.

20 Rounds of 180gr TTSX 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Barnes

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