20 Rounds of 168gr TTSX .308 Win Ammo by Barnes

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The .308 Win is the most popular hunting round not just in the U.S. but all over the world. Here in the States it’s used for everything from deer to moose to elk and feral hogs, while it’s used for multiple sizes of antelope in Africa and a variety of game in Sweden. One of the great things about the .308 is its ability to eat ammo, but just because it can take whatever you feed it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be picky what you buy. If you want to have a hunt like no other, load your .308 with these Barnes TTSX rounds. The TTSX isn’t just a bullet, it’s a technologically advanced projectile of unparalleled performance and phenomenal knockdown power.

At 168 grain these are fairly light rounds for the .308; heavy enough to do damage, light enough to zip to your target at stunning speeds. They’re loaded with the TTSX – Tipped Triple Shock X – a bullet made specifically to take your game down quickly and humanely. The body of the TTSX is 100% copper, and it has a polymer tip to enhance expansion upon impact. And when it expands – all we can say is “wow.” These bullets deliver almost 100% weight retention and expand to nearly twice their original diameter, forming four cutting petals that burst through whatever is in their way from bones to tendons to muscles. They’re designed to expand even at lower velocities, too, so you’re getting optimal performance no matter what. These are made specifically for hunting.

Now for the numbers: these rounds move like lightning with a muzzle velocity of 2640 feet per second and hit with the power of a raging bull with a muzzle energy of 2600 foot-pounds. You get just 20 rounds in this single box of ammunition from Barnes; 20 rounds is just enough to give you and your rifle a taste of these superior hunting rounds. Barnes has been in business for more than 80 years, and they’ve certainly mastered their craft in that time. Production takes place at their plant in Lindon, Utah, and all ammunition undergoes rigorous testing and strict quality control. Get your order in right now – you know you want to – and find out what your .308 is really capable of doing.

20 Rounds of 168gr TTSX .308 Win Ammo by Barnes

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