1000 Rounds of 158gr JHP .357 Mag Ammo by Blazer

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Self-defense rounds like these from Blazer/CCI are made to produce more velocity and energy than target rounds. That means their felt recoil and muzzle flip are going to be greater as well, which will absolutely affect shot placement. Shooters who believe training with target rounds is sufficient are fooling themselves; target rounds do not behave the same as defense rounds. The only way to master the increased power of a defense round is to fire them – repeatedly. In order to do that you’re going to need a big box of defense ammunition like this 1000-round box of .357 Magnum rounds.

These are 158 grain rounds, making them medium-weight by .357 Magnum standards. Being right in the middle of the weight spectrum is great because it gives you speed and stopping power, combined. These are Jacketed Hollow Point rounds, meaning they expand immediately on impact, but with greater control than standard HPs. That control means they’re able to penetrate more deeply, creating a larger, more crippling wound track. Each of these rounds flies down-range with a muzzle velocity of 1150 feet per second and hits home with a muzzle energy of 464 foot-pounds. This is high-quality self-defense ammunition capable of fantastic stopping power.

You get 1000 defense rounds in this case of ammunition. With that many rounds you can work on improving a variety of self-defense-related skills including shooting with your weak hand and firing from a prone position, and firing from behind cover. There are so many skills that are important to master; there’s no such thing as too much range time, or too much ammunition. Blazer is part of CCI, a company in Lewiston, Idaho, that was founded in 1951. They produce this ammunition in fresh brass cases with boxer primer, so you can reload it and spend even more time training. Every minute you spend at the range improves your chances of survival if you’re ever attacked, so order this 1000-round case and go rack of more than just a few minutes. What are you waiting for?

1000 Rounds of 158gr JHP .357 Mag Ammo by Blazer

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