50 Rounds of 125gr JHP .38 Spl +P Ammo by CCI

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The .38 Special has been a monumentally popular round practically since the day it was first created in 1898. Smith and Wesson created it when the military realized their .38 Long Colt was wholly inadequate in stopping the ferocious charge of Moro warriors in the Philippine-American War. They started with black powder loads but moved to smokeless powder within the first year when it became clear just how sought-after it was. The .38 Special was carried by numerous law enforcement officers for more than 70 years, and it was that following that resulted in the +P round to increase the cartridge’s stopping power.

These are pretty lightweight at 125 grain, and they have nice speed with a muzzle velocity of 940 feet per second. And with the boost of +P, they have a muzzle energy of 245 foot-pounds. As JHP rounds they’re fantastic for self-defense purposes, and the jacket increases bullet strength due to its harder metal coating. These have aluminum cases and berdan primer to ensure ignition. There are 50 defense rounds in this box, and that means it’s perfect to tuck in your safe or to load a few mags to get the feel of what you intend to conceal carry with.

CCI has been around since 1951 and manufactures its ammunition in Lewiston, Idaho, near the Snake River. They have a long history of adhering to stringent standards and creating the kind of ammunition knowledgeable shooters rely on. If you’re serious about protecting yourself and your family, you need quality hollow point rounds, and that’s what these are. They deliver reliable .38 Special +P power every time, and reliability is just what you need for self-defense.

(Before purchasing +P ammunition, please check and make sure your firearm is approved for +P ammunition.)

50 Rounds of 125gr JHP .38 Spl +P Ammo by CCI

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