500 Rounds of 40gr LRN .22 LR Ammo by Federal

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There are a number of shooting competitions out there, and if you love your .22LR enough to consider competing with it, there’s one for you. If you’d like to go through a major organization the ARA – American Rimfire Association – is the sanctioning body for .22LR competing. In a .22LR bench rest competition you’re given twenty minutes to shoot a 25 bull target. If that seems like a long time, it both is and is not. There are three targets at the top of the sheet for sighting your gun in, then 25 for scored shots. The maximum possible score is 2500 and scoring is done with 0 for shots outside the target and 100 for bullseye shots – in between there are a variety of scores. If you’d like to try it, look for an ARA event in your area.

Of course, in order to shoot at a .22LR bench rest competition you need the right ammunition. These .22LR rounds are a lightweight 40 grain and will zip down-range with lightning speed. They’re LRN; the lead nose will deform a bit on impact, but these shouldn’t be confused with HP rounds. Each of these rounds leaves the barrel of your rifle at a muzzle velocity of 1200 feet per second and tears into your target with a muzzle energy of 128 foot-pounds. These are Federal Premium Gold Medal High Velocity Match rounds specifically made for outstanding performance in competition shooting.

When you order these Gold Medal rounds you get 500 in the box. That’s enough to get you through a competition and also to get some training in although if you’re competing you’re going to want far more than just 500 rounds. Winning a competition takes serious range time, and that means a serious pile of ammo. Federal manufactures this match-grade ammunition at their longtime plant in Anoka, Minnesota; all ammunition must adhere to a strict set of standards in order to leave the factory. Whether you’re a competitor, are interested in competing, or just want high quality .22LR, get your order in today and feed your rimfire rifle.

500  Rounds of 40gr LRN .22 LR Ammo by Federal

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