1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJ .223 Ammo by Federal

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Federal was founded in 1922, and they’ve spent the last almost-100-years building a solid reputation in the firearms world. Experienced shooters know their ammunition can be counted on for reliable performance and good quality, and new shooters learn fast. All of Federal’s ammunition is manufactured at their plant in Anoka, Minnesota, exactly where it’s been produced since the early days of the twentieth century. They use only quality components and put ammunition through extensive, in-depth testing and utilize strict quality control measures throughout the process to ensure your ammunition delivers as promised. Federal’s name is now synonymous with “quality” and if you doubt it for a second, try these FMJBT rounds in your .223-chambered rifle. You’ll come over to the Federal side without another moment’s hesitation.

These are lightweight 55 grain rounds, so they’re going to travel at high speeds, and they should also reduce your felt recoil somewhat. They’re FMJBT rounds, so they don’t expand, and their Boat Tails mean they’re good for longer-distance shots because they’re better able to resist crosswinds and maintain a flatter trajectory in flight. These rounds have the following ballistics:

  • Muzzle velocity: 3240 feet per second
  • 100-yard velocity: 2874 feet per second
  • 200-yard velocity: 2536 feet per second
  • 300-yard velocity: 2222 feet per second
  • 400-yard velocity: 1931 feet per second
  • 500-yard velocity: 1667 feet per second
  • Muzzle energy: 1282 foot-pounds
  • 100-yard energy: 1008 foot-pounds
  • 200-yard energy: 785 foot-pounds
  • 300-yard energy: 603 foot-pounds
  • 400-yard energy: 455 foot-pounds
  • 500-yard energy: 339 foot-pounds

When you order this big box of ammunition from Federal, you get 1000 target rounds. Your rifle is going to have the greatest meal of its life and your marksmanship is going to improve noticeably. And because Federal produces these rounds in virgin brass cases with boxer primer, you can collect your spent brass, reload it, and go on back to the range. Now that’s some serious range time. If you’re serious about getting trigger time with your favorite rifle, order your case of ammunition right now. Don’t let your rifle go hungry; feed it Federal Premium target rounds.

1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJ .223 Ammo by Federal

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