20 Rounds of 165gr Fusion .308 Win Ammo by Federal

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In 1922 Charles Horn founded Federal, and although he started small, selling their products in grocery stores, it didn’t take long for the company to end up big. The government awarded Federal an $87 million contract to build and operate the Twin City Ordnance Plant at the beginning of World War II, and over the years and several wars Federal has supplied the U.S. military with a mind-boggling amount of ammunition. Their participation and dedication was so impressive they were awarded and Army-Navy “E” for excellence, and that same excellence remains today. Today Federal’s reputation precedes them, and for good reason: over the years they’ve proven themselves, and then some.

These Federal Fusion rounds are a fantastic example of their excellence. At 165 grain they’re considered medium-weight for the .308 Win, and that means they deliver the best of both worlds: they’re light enough to move down-range like lightning and heavy enough to slam into targets with the force of a runaway freight train. Each of these rounds leaves the barrel of your rifle with stunning speed with a muzzle velocity of 2700 feet per second and hammers targets with a muzzle energy of 2670 foot-pounds. Fusion rounds are made specifically for deer hunting.

When you place your order for these deer hunting rounds you get 20 in the box, which is basically just enough to make you want more. These rounds are made with the die-hard hunter in mind; they deliver unbelievable terminal performance and amazing accuracy. Each round features a skived tip which enhances expansion at longer ranges while giving it more strength up close and also has a boat-tail profile for aerodynamic efficiency and fantastic accuracy. You want to fill your deer tag, right? Or are you after bigger game? These Fusion rounds can take it down, all you need to supply is the shot placement. Get your order in today to find out what your .308 Win can really do.

20 Rounds of 165gr Fusion .308 Win Ammo by Federal

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