200 Rounds of 175gr HPBT .308 Win Ammo by Federal

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In 1922 Charles Horn took over a failing company that had been struggling along since 1916; after 6 years, they’d reached the end of their rope. Horn, however, was sure he could turn the company around, so he re-founded it as Federal. First he distributed ammunition to filling stations, barber shops, and grocery stores – which was a success – and then, when the government offered the company an $87 million contract to build and operate what we now know as the Twin City Ordnance Plant, he said yes. Today Federal’s been in business for almost 100 years, and they’re an inarguable success. Their ammunition performs reliably and their ideas are fresh and innovative; if you want good American-made ammo, try Federal.

These .308 Win rounds are a good example of Federal’s quality. They’re fairly heavy at 175 grain but not so heavy they can’t reach out to your target with blinding speed, and they’re more than heavy enough to deliver a killing blow. These rounds are topped with Sierra MatchKing BTHP bullets; their BT helps them resist cross-winds and maintain a balanced trajectory, and because they’re HPs they begin to expand immediately upon impact, creating a devastating wound cavity. This is match-grade ammunition made for competition shooting, target practice, and tactical training, although it can also be used for hunting. Each round as the following ballistics:

  • Muzzle velocity: 2650 feet per second
  • 100-yard velocity: 2460 feet per second
  • 200-yard velocity: 2277 feet per second
  • 300-yard velocity: 2103 feet per second
  • 400-yard velocity: 1936 feet per second
  • 500-yard velocity: 1778 feet per second
  • Muzzle energy: 2619 foot-pounds
  • 100-yard energy: 2257 foot-pounds
  • 200-yard energy: 1935 foot-pounds
  • 300-yard energy: 1650 foot-pounds
  • 400-yard energy: 1398 foot-pounds
  • 500-yard energy: 1179 foot-pounds

You get 200 rounds in this box of ammunition from Federal. Ammunition is manufactured at their plant in Anoka, Minnesota, and undergoes rigorous testing and strict quality control measures. Your .308 is a powerful rifle and needs a good, solid, American-made meal. Order these Federal BTHP rounds and feed your rifle.

200 Rounds of 175gr HPBT .308 Win Ammo by Federal

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