50 Rounds of 230gr FMJFN .45 ACP Ammo by Federal

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Charles Horn took over a failing ammunition plant on April 27, 1922, and re-founded it as the Federal Cartridge Plant. In order to get the company off the ground he started selling its products in filling stations, grocery stores, and barber shops, and his plan more than worked; it excelled. It wasn’t long before the government was asking Federal to build and run the Twin City Ordnance Plant, and Federal ended up supplying the U.S. military with much-needed ammunition through World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. Their involvement was so extensive they were awarded an Army-Navy “E” for excellence. Today Federal continues making top-of-the-line ammunition like these American Eagle rounds.

Your .45 ACP is one amazing handgun. Not only is it capable of enormous stopping power from force alone but it’s able to induce hydrostatic shock in a human-size living target with just target rounds, and that isn’t something other handgun cartridges can claim. These are 230 grain rounds making them moderately heavy rounds for the .45 ACP. This is FMJ ammunition and doesn’t expand on impact; it’s ideal for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking. Each of these rounds has a muzzle velocity of 890 feet per second and muzzle energy of 369 foot-pounds.

You get 50 target rounds in this single box of ammunition from Federal. Federal manufactures ammunition at their plant in Anoka, Minnesota; all ammunition must undergo rigorous testing and pass strict quality control measures. This ammunition is manufactured in new production brass cases with boxer primer, so you can police your spent brass, reload it, and get back to the range. It’s also designed to be non-corrosive, so there’s less friction in your gun’s barrel. When you feed your gun Federal ammunition, you’re loading it with high-quality rounds from an American company that’s become a leader in the industry. Your gun will thank you with a longer life and better accuracy. Order now to find out what Federal is all about.

50 Rounds of 230gr FMJFN .45 ACP Ammo by Federal

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