500 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT 5.56x45 Ammo by Federal

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When it comes to quality 5.56 ammunition it is tough to beat Federal. We're proud to offer Federal's 5.56x45 ammo for sale, designated as XM193. These 500 rounds of brass cased ammunition are boxer primed and are loaded with 55 grain FMJBT (full metal jacket boat tail) projectiles. Conveniently packaged to feed your hungry rifles for a long range session, these rounds leave the muzzle with a velocity of 3,250 feet per second.

Whether you want to blast away during an extended range session as your rifle eats up this ammo or choose to take your time and make every shot count in preparation for a shooting match; these full metal jacket boat tailed rounds will make your time at the range an enjoyable one.

The 55 grain loading is one of the more popular sizes to shoot in rifles with a barrel twist greater than one in nine-inches (1:9).

Federal ammunition is loaded using the highest quality components manufactured in-house and exceeds all US Military and NATO standards. Regarded as an industry leader for close to a century, the company was founded in 1922 and is headquartered in Anoka, Minnesota.

In addition to manufacturing quality ammunition, Federal is well known for making all of their components in-house and their primers, brass and projectiles have long been the first choice for professional shooters and reloaders throughout the world.

Federal 5.56x45 XM193 Ammo For Sale

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  • Federal 5.56x45 XM193 Ammo For Sale

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