30 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT 5.56x45 Ammo on Stripper Clips by Federal

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When the 5.56x45mm cartridge first came out in 1963 it was specifically for use in the U.S. military. In the 1950’s the military had chosen the 7.62x51mm to replace the .30-06 round, but even before the change took place there was significant debate regarding how well the 7.62x51mm would function in combat. Opponents felt it was too hot a round for lighter-weight modern rifles and wouldn’t allow for a sufficient rate of fire in combat, so they set about considering other cartridges. The U.S. infantry ended up choosing the 5.56 – and the M16 that went along with it – citing greater control despite its being a powerful round. And, as tends to happen, it quickly hit the civilian market, a process helped by the popularity of the AR-15, and the rest is history.

If you own an AR-15 or any other rifle chambered in 5.56, you know it’s more than just a gun. The 5.56 is an awesome example of how powerful and versatile a reasonably lightweight rifle can be: it brings firepower, superior performance, and even ease of use, because, for example, AK-47 mags are noticeably heavier than your 5.56 mags, and 5.56 rifles can be brought to bear more swiftly, too. It’s a cool cartridge, and there’s not much you love more than standing tall and slinging lead down-range with your 5.56-chambered rifle.

At 55 grain these are pretty lightweight rounds, so they’re capable of even greater speeds. They’re FMJBT rounds designed for target practice, tactical training, and plinking, and since their BT’s make them better able to resist cross-winds they’re good for honing your long-range skills. Each round has impressive speed with a muzzle velocity of 3165 feet per second, and you just know it’s going to impact your target with the enormous strength of a charging bull. You get 30 target rounds in this single box; rounds are on stripper clips for faster loading. Federal’s been making quality ammo since 1922, and production takes place at their plant in Anoka, Minnesota, just like it always has. Feed your 5.56 high-quality rounds – rounds in reloadable fresh brass cases with boxer primer – and both you and your rifle will be happy.

(Although 5.56x45 NATO does fit in a .223 Remington chamber, the 5.56 is a military, high-pressure round and is not recommended for use in a .223 Remington chamber.)

30 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT 5.56x45 Ammo on Stripper Clips by Federal

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