1000 Rounds of 115gr +P JHP 9mm Ammo by Federal LE

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According to sales statistics, the 9mm is the most popular caliber for self-defense. Many shooters favor it for its manageable recoil and affordable price while others enjoy the larger capacity mags 9mm’s tend to offer, but whatever your reason is, you love your 9mm. If you carry your handgun for personal protection, it’s important to remember the kind of ammunition you use is more than a minor detail. Carrying quality defense rounds ensures there isn’t over-penetration if you do fire your gun, which protects innocent bystanders, and also ensures your target will suffer a debilitating wound. You want your attacker to stop in their tracks, and for that, you need defense rounds.

These aren’t just any defense rounds, either. They’re +P, or overpressure, rounds, meaning they’re loaded to a higher pressure than the average cartridge. Being +P means they’re capable of higher speeds and greater power, so they’re more able to deliver one-shot stopping power. At 115 grain these are lightweight, so they can move even faster, and because they’re also +P they have more power than the average 115 grain round. These are JHP’s and deliver controlled expansion on impact, so they’re able to penetrate more deeply than the average HP and create a deeper, more devastating wound track. Each round has a muzzle velocity of 1300 feet per second. This ammunition is designed for self-defense.

There are 1000 defense rounds in this case, and if you think you don’t need that may defense rounds, you’d be mistaken. Defense ammunition, especially +P rounds such as these, has far greater power overall than target rounds do and the only way to be sure of your follow-up shots and accuracy in a self-defense situation is practice. Firing a couple rounds down-range won’t cut it, either; to be a truly proficient self-defense shooter, you need extensive training. Federal manufactures this ammunition at their plant in Anoka, Minnesota. Don’t wait for the worst to happen. Place your order for these high-quality defense rounds today, and be prepared.

These are +P rounds, also known as overpressure rounds. Not all firearms are rated for the increased power of this ammunition. Please make sure your handgun is rated for use with +P rounds before using this ammunition; if in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

1000 Rounds of 115gr +P JHP 9mm Ammo by Federal LE

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Q: This ammo is listed as +P but the picture shows +P+. Which is the correct info?

Posted On: 9/15/14 By: Scott

A: Hello Scott This ammunition is loaded to +P+ pressures.