50 Rounds of 115gr +P JHP 9mm Ammo by Federal LE

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In a self-defense situation, seconds count. And when seconds count, you want every possible thing going for you, from time spend training on the range to the quality of your handgun to the performance capabilities of your ammunition. Keeping your concealed carry weapon loaded with high-quality defense rounds is part of being a responsible gun owner, because defense rounds are designed to decelerate and halt after hitting their first target, whereas target rounds are prone to over-penetration and can strike multiple targets. It’s also part of stopping an assailant as quickly as possible, because defense rounds create the kind of crippling wounds target rounds simply cannot.

These are lightweight 115 grain rounds, and while their lighter weight means greater speed it can also mean less stopping power, but because these are +P rounds they have significantly more stopping power than average 115 grain rounds. This is Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition and begins to mushroom immediately upon impact, penetrating more deeply than plain HP rounds to create a catastrophic wound channel. The jackets on these bullets create more strength overall and also prevent lead fouling in your gun’s barrel. Each round has fantastic speed with a muzzle velocity of 1300 feet per second. These +P JHP rounds are specifically meant for self-defense.

You get 50 defense rounds in this single box of ammunition from Federal. It’s the perfect size box for tossing in your range bag or stacking in the corner of your safe and provides just enough ammo to load a few mags and get some practice in with some left over for defensive carry. Federal was founded in 1922 by Charles Horn, and for almost 100 years they’ve been honing their production skills until their experience has reached a point where they’re easily able to create exceptionally high-quality defense rounds such as these. Their ammunition is manufactured at their longtime plant in Anoka, Minnesota. If you take self-defense seriously, order your 50-round box of +P rounds without delay.

These are +P rounds, also known as overpressure rounds. Not all firearms are rated for the increased power of this ammunition. Please make sure your handgun is rated for use with +P rounds before using this ammunition; if in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

50 Rounds of 115gr +P JHP 9mm Ammo by Federal LE

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