1000 Rounds of 125gr SJSP .357 Mag Ammo by Fiocchi

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The Gangster Era that followed World War 1 brought with it many things including bootleggers, ballistic vests of a sort, and automobiles that could be used as cover against the common cartridges of the day. And although the creation of the .357 Magnum was technically a collaborative effort, it was writer and outdoorsman Elmer Keith we truly have to thank for its existence. Keith slowly loaded a .38 Special cartridge to increasingly higher pressures until he’d created enough power to blow through the obstacles creates by the era’s bootleggers, and the .357 Magnum was born.

Today, the .357 Magnum case is 1/8 of an inch longer than the old .38 Special case. Smith and Wesson also altered the original flat-meplat Keith bullet a bit, but the basic design remains the same. This particular ammunition is manufactured by Fiocchi at their Lecco, Italy, plant. Fiocchi was founded in 1876 by Guilio Fiocchi, and they’re known for being technologically advanced and adhering to strict standards. Among their certifications are the NATO AQAP-110, ISO 14001, and UNI EN ISO 9001; they take quality seriously.

These are lightweight rounds at 125 grain, which might reduce recoil somewhat while increasing speed. They certainly are fast, with a muzzle velocity of 1,500 feet per second, and they hit hard with a muzzle energy of 755 foot-pounds. And because these are SJSP rounds, they’re great for self-defense. They expand on impact more slowly than hollow points, allowing for greater penetration, and make a catastrophic wound track. Fiocchi uses virgin brass cases and boxer primer, so you can reload, which makes their competitive prices all the more impressive. You get 1,000 rounds in this box, so you can sling lead down-range for quite some time and still have some left over.

1000 Rounds of 125gr SJSP .357 Mag Ammo by Fiocchi

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