1000 Rounds of 240gr JSP .44 Mag Ammo by Fiocchi

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Saying the .44 Magnum is a large-bore cartridge is not unlike saying an elephant is “pretty big.” Although it is technically large-bore, the one-shot stopping power and sheer brawn of the .44 Magnum would convince just about anyone there should be a category for “XXL” handgun cartridges. It was created in the 1950’s by renowned outdoorsman Elmer Keith and has enjoyed fame for a variety of reasons, although the most commonly known is its appearance in Dirty Harry as Clint Eastwood’s personal choice of weapon. It’s a compelling round, and when you use it for self-defense purposes, you can be quite sure your point will be made in all capital letters.

These are SJSP defense rounds. On impact they deliver rapid energy transfer and begin to expand instantaneously, but because they’re semi-jacketed, they don’t slow down as quickly as hollow points tend to. Because these rounds don’t slow down as fast as HP’s, they’re capable of deeper penetration, meaning a more devastating wound track is left in their wake. At 240 grain they’re moderately heavy rounds overall, although for the cartridge they’re at the lighter end of the spectrum. Despite their sheer bulk, they still have good speed with a muzzle velocity of 1,375 feet per second; they’ll reach your intended target before you can blink. And these are .44 Magnums, so of course they mean business when they hit: they have a muzzle energy of 1,000 foot-pounds.

Fiocchi has been manufacturing ammunition at their plant in Lecco, Italy, since 1876. Their reputation for adhering to strict standards and producing all their ammunition to SAAMI or CIP standards is long-standing and they design and make all their own production equipment. You get 1,000 rounds in this box of ammunition, so you can spend time honing your self-defense skills and have enough left to keep your gun loaded with these rounds for personal protection. A serious gun requires serious defense rounds. Even better, these are brass-cased, boxer-primed, reloadable rounds. Place your order today and find out how Fiocchi got their first-class reputation.

1000 Rounds of 240gr JSP .44 Mag Ammo by Fiocchi

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