500 Rounds of 62gr HP .223 Ammo by Golden Bear

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Your .223-chambered rifle is empty, hungry, and feeling neglected. And right here we have Golden Bear .223 62 grain HP rounds, specifically designed to feed your hungry rifle at a low price. And, of course, there are 500 rounds in this box, so your rifle will immediately go from feeling cold and alone to hot and satisfied. There’s no excuse for letting your rifle starve; grab a box of this Golden Bear ammunition right now. Yes, now!

There are all sorts of uses for this ammunition. Target practice, killing cans, practicing tactics, fending off a zombie horde – the list goes on forever. And since we all know head shots are the one way to kill a zombie, you might want to get out there and practice. With this ammunition, you can practice until your gun begs for mercy. Golden Bear is produced under the centuries-old umbrella of Barnhaul, a plant in Russia. They know the importance of providing good target rounds at great prices.

62 grain is a medium weight for a .223 round, and you’ll find these rounds move fast and arrive with a resounding thud. They have a muzzle velocity of 3,045 feet per second – and that’s quick. And whether you’ve got paper to put a hole through or a zombie to annihilate, you’ll find the energy of these rounds more than adequate. They’re also HP rounds, so they expand on impact rather than traveling on through. Place your order right away for this 500-round box and start honing your zombie-slaying skills right away.

500  Rounds of 62gr HP .223 Ammo by Golden Bear

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