20 Rounds of 56gr FMJBT .223 Ammo by Golden Tiger

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.222 Remington, also known as “Triple Deuce”, was a centerfire rifle cartridge created in 1950. It was the first ever rimless cartridge of its kind to be manufactured in the United States, and as a brand new design, the Triple Deuce didn’t have a parent cartridge. It does, however, have a child: the .223 Remington. The .223 Remington was designed in 1964 by Remington Arms and made to fit the action of the then-new M16 rifle. But it was in the civilian market that the cartridge soared to instant popularity, and when the AR-15 hit the market, it became the cartridge of choice for untold numbers of shooters.

These particular .223 rounds are made by Golden Tiger, a Russian company. They run under the umbrella of Vympel IIRC, which was founded in 1976, making it quite young in the ammunition world. But despite its relative newness, the company has a solid reputation for using cutting-edge technology to produce good quality ammunition. Best of all, it’s quite affordable, and firearms enthusiasts who have used Golden Tiger rounds say they feed and eject reliably and function well for target practice and plinking.

At 56 grain these are lightweight rounds, and because they are FMJBT rounds, they’re best for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. Their boat tails make them a nice choice for working on your long-range skills because they resist cross-winds more effectively and also have increased ballistic coefficiency. Since they’re lightweight they’re able to deliver significant velocity, and as .223 rounds, you can be sure they’ll impact your target with serious power. These are steel-cased, berdan primed rounds. There are 20 rounds in the box, which is a nice number for giving your favorite rifle a snack or tucking into your range bag for a rainy day.

(This ammunition is steel-cased. Some ranges do not allow rounds with steel cases, so make sure you double check before trying to use this ammunition at your area range.)

20 Rounds of 56gr FMJBT .223 Ammo by Golden Tiger

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