20 Rounds of 75gr HPBT .223 Ammo by Hornady

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With the reliable expansion and penetration of ammunition today, the .223 has become a popular and effective hunting round. It’s favored by many hunters for whitetail deer, and if you’re taking your rifle out to bag a deer, try these tips for a better season. Remember odor: deer smelling human won’t come close. Scent-free soaps are a good idea when showering prior to a hunt, and you need to work at not contaminating your clothes and gear with human scents on your way out. Many hunters store clothing and gear in a plastic tote containing leaves, pine cones, and other natural debris in order to blend more fully. And don’t just use an odor eliminator before heading out, take it with you and apply some after you reach your tree stand. Don’t let your human odor ruin your hunt.

You also need excellent ammunition for a successful hunt, like these .223 rounds from Hornady. At 75 grain these are a good weight for deer, heavy enough for a clean kill and light enough to reach high speeds. These are BTHP rounds; because they’re HP’s they’re capable of rapid energy transfer and begin to expand and decelerate on impact, creating a substantial wound channel. The Boat Tail on this ammunition helps it resist cross-winds and maintain a balanced trajectory, making it good for longer distances. Each round flies to your target with a muzzle velocity of 2790 feet per second and hits hard with a muzzle energy of 1296 foot-pounds.

You get 20 rounds in this single box, making it the perfect size for carrying in your vest pocket or tucking into your range bag. Hornady has been making ammo since 1949, and with more than 60 years of experience backing them, you can be sure they know exactly what they’re doing. Manufacturing takes place at their longtime plant in Grand Island, Nebraska, and all ammunition adheres to their stringent standards. These are new-production brass cases with boxer primer, so you can reload, and it’s also non-corrosive, which means less friction in your rifle’s barrel. Order now to go on your next hunt using high-quality ammunition from the legendary Hornady Manufacturing company.

20 Rounds of 75gr HPBT .223 Ammo by Hornady

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