200 Rounds of 75gr HPBT .223 Ammo by Hornady

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These are Hornady’s Match rounds, which are precision manufactured for superior performance. Each round is loaded with Hornady’s top-of-the-line Boat Tail Hollow Point match-grade bullet designed for accuracy and consistency. Each case is hand-selected to ensure it meets strict requirements: case walls must be of uniform thickness and consistent concentricity, internal capacity must be exact, and the weight of the case must be precise. In addition, the powder is specially manufactured for optimal pressure, peak velocity, and accuracy you can count on. Even the primers are of superior quality and chosen specifically to match the load. Hornady knows quality, and these .223 rounds are absolutely high-quality.

At 75 grain these are medium-weight rounds for the .223 cartridge, giving them the right blend of speed and weight for good balance. They’re BTHP rounds and expand immediately on impact; when striking a living target the HP would create a large wound track. The BT gives them the ability to resist cross-winds and helps them maintain a balanced trajectory. Each round flies down-range with a muzzle velocity of 2790 feet per second and hits with a muzzle energy of 1296 foot-pounds. These are Hornady Match rounds designed for competition shooting although they’re also great for target practice and shooting drills.

You get 200 rounds in this single box of ammunition. It’s a great size for a competition and also good for spending time working on precision and grouping. Remember, there’s a difference between accuracy and precision, and in a competition you’re going to need impressive precision. These Hornady rounds are crafted specifically for superior performance; they’re made to give you accuracy and consistency, so it’s up to you to bring precision and tight groups to the score sheet. Hornady manufactures ammunition at their established factory in Grand Island, Nebraska. Order now and see what a difference top-tier match-grade ammunition can make.

200 Rounds of 75gr HPBT .223 Ammo by Hornady

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