20 Rounds of 180gr SST 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Hornady

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During World War II Joyce Hornady worked as a marksmanship instructor for a guard training unit, so it’s no surprise his interest in firearms – and accuracy – ended up becoming his true calling. After the war shooters used the surplus ammunition left over from the military, and it became apparent to Joyce Hornady that ammunition wasn’t capable of the performance and accuracy necessary for accurate target shooting and hunting. His solution was to create his own high-quality bullets, and he set about doing just that. By 1949 Hornady had been established, and within the first year of business the company began to flourish. Hornady quality has become something of a legend in the ammunition world, and these Hornady SST rounds are a great example of that legendary quality.

These are moderately weighted 180 grain rounds. They’re Hornady SST designed for controlled expansion immediately upon impact, so they create a catastrophic wound track for a clean kill. Each round moves with extraordinary speed towards their intended target with a muzzle velocity of 2820 feet per second and hit with fantastic force with a muzzle energy of 3178 foot-pounds. Extended ballistics are as follows:

  • 100-yard velocity: 2630 feet per second
  • 200-yard velocity: 2447 feet per second
  • 300-yard velocity: 2272 feet per second
  • 400-yard velocity: 2104 feet per second
  • 500-yard velocity: 1944 feet per second
  • 100-yard energy: 2764 foot-pounds
  • 200-yard energy: 2393 foot-pounds
  • 300-yard energy: 2063 foot-pounds
  • 400-yard energy: 1769 foot-pounds
  • 500-yard energy: 1509 foot-pounds

Hornady SST rounds are made just for hunting, and what’s truly amazing is they have significantly greater power without increased felt recoil, muzzle blast, or loss of accuracy. You get 20 rounds in this single box, so you might want to consider buying more than one. These are new-production, non-corrosive brass cases with boxer primer and can be reloaded. Hornady manufactures ammunition at their plant in Grand Island, Nebraska, and takes great care to precision manufacture each and every round. Cutting-edge technology was used to design this ammunition, and you should definitely take advantage of the results. Place your order today for and experience Hornady Superperformance ammunition in .30-06.

20 Rounds of 180gr SST 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Hornady

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