20 Rounds of 168gr Match A-MAX .308 Win Ammo by Hornady

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If you’re an avid hunter, odds are you’ve got a .308. Not only do rifles chambered in .308 eat pretty much whatever you load them with but they deliver fantastic stopping power and accuracy, and there’s just something satisfying about firing one. Within 250 yards it’s a fantastic round for game including deer, moose, elk, antelope, hogs, and black bears. Not only is the .308 Win popular here in the United States, it’s also widely used in other countries, such as Sweden. It’s also widely used in Africa by Bushveld hunters who prefer it for antelopes like the Duiker and Eland. Keeping your .308 loaded with top-of-the-line ammunition will give you an even greater edge, and with Hornady, you know you’re getting that edge – and then some.

These are 168 grain rounds, putting them at the high end of the medium-weight scale. They’re Hornady’s A-MAX bullets, which are hollow points specifically designed for maximum weight retention and superior performance. They deliver rapid energy transfer on impact and begin to expand immediately, creating a substantial wound track and a clean kill. This ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 2700 feet per second and muzzle energy of 2719 foot-pounds. Hornady manufactures these rounds in virgin brass cases with boxer primer, so you can reload them and spend even more time with your .308. These are superb hunting rounds capable of match-grade accuracy.

There are 20 rounds in this single box of Hornady ammunition, making it the perfect size for tucking in your pocket when you’re out on a hunt. Hornady was founded in 1949 by Joyce Hornady, whose motto “ten bullets through one hole” was somewhat prophetic of the accuracy and performance the Hornady line would become known for; Hornady is truly premium ammunition. In fact, they even hand-select the cases used in A-MAX for maximum performance. Production takes place at their long-time plant in Grand Island, Nebraska, just as it has for 60 years. Load your big, bold rifle with equally bold ammunition with Hornady A-MAX.

20 Rounds of 168gr Match A-MAX .308 Win Ammo by Hornady

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