25 Rounds of 140gr FTX .357 Mag Ammo by Hornady

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Winchester made it famous with their Model 1866, famously known as The Gun That Won the West. John Wayne raised its popularity by using the Model 92 in The Searchers, and Chuck Connors used the same model in The Rifleman television series. It’s the lever-action rifle, which allows for taking multiple shots without reloading, an action which led to its also being called the repeating rifle. And if you own one chambered in .357 Magnum, you want to keep it fed with the best quality ammunition possible. That means you want Hornady’s LEVERevolution ammunition, because it’s designed with your lever-action in mind.

These LEVERevolution rounds feature an innovative elastomer Flex Tip, which is truly an exciting advance for your lever-action gun. The tips are soft and prevent the nose of the cartridge from pressing into the primer of the cartridge beside it, which prevents the potentially catastrophic explosions that can occur from such positioning with other ammunitions. In addition, the tips are soft and press back into the bullet on impact, increasing energy transfer and expansion on impact. Even better, they’re as much as 250 feet per second faster than most lever-action rounds and have up to 40% more energy than conventional loads as well. If you have a .357 Magnum lever-action, you want these rounds loaded in your tubular magazine.

At 140 grain these are medium-weight rounds. As described above, they have Hornady’s patented FTX technology, and they’re fantastic rounds for hunting medium-size game. They’re made in new production brass cases with boxer primer, so you can reload, and they’re non-corrosive, which is easier on your gun. They have a muzzle velocity of 1,440 feet per second from a handgun and 1,850 feet per second from a rifle and a muzzle energy of 644 foot-pounds from a handgun and 1,064 foot-pounds from a rifle. Hornady manufactures this ammunition at their plant in Grand Island, Nebraska. There are 25 rounds in this box, and if you want new life for your class lever-action, you’d better get your order in.

(Hornady recommends not storing this ammunition in tubular magazines. Prolonged periods sitting in a tubular magazine may cause the elastomer tips to deform.)

25 Rounds of 140gr FTX .357 Mag Ammo by Hornady

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