20 Rounds of 180gr JHP .40 S&W Ammo by Hornady

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For personal protection, it’s of vital importance to carry hollow point rounds. If you’re ever in a self-defense situation, you need to have confidence in the ammunition in your concealed carry handgun; confidence it won’t continue traveling after hitting its target, and confidence in its knock-down power. This Hornady .40 S&W 180 grain JHP XTP ammunition is a custom round made specifically for high performance and optimal speed and impact.

These are XTP rounds which means they were created for Extreme Terminal Performance. That means they have excellent accuracy and deliver maximum stopping power. At 180 grain, they’re heavy for a 40 cal cartridge, which is great for defensive rounds. With a muzzle velocity of 950 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 361 foot-pounds, these .40 S&W rounds mean business.

Everything Hornady makes is produced to the highest standards, and these rounds are no different. The JHP helps to control expansion for reliable mushrooming, and the brass used in each and every case is chosen to resist corrosion and ensure reliable feeding. They’re also boxer primed and every round is carefully packed to maximum pressure to supply the highest possible performance.

Hornady’s manufacturing plant is located in Grand Island, Nebraska, so you know these are American-made rounds. Founder Joyce Hornady was a marksmanship instructor for the military during World War II, and his strict attention to quality has carried on through three generations. Buying Hornady ammunition means you’re getting tradition and dependable, top-tier rounds every time. There are 20 rounds in this box, which is perfect to get you started with this high-quality ammunition. Give your gun a treat, or save it for your concealed carry needs. Either way, you simply cannot go wrong.

20 Rounds of 180gr JHP .40 S&W Ammo by Hornady

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