1000 Rounds of 180gr FMJ .40 S&W Ammo by Independence

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The .40 S&W is the sweet spot of the ammunition world. It’s a young cartridge having just been created in 1990 and it falls perfectly between the 9mm and the 10mm with fantastic one-shot stopping power and excellent performance but with less recoil than its parent cartridge, the 10mm. Many shooters love the .40 for its power because they want a gun with power similar to that of the 10mm without the massive recoil, and the .40 definitely delivers. The .40 S&W has almost identical drift, drop, and accuracy to the 9mm, but with more stopping power; it’s capable of causing hydrostatic shock in a human-size target. It’s a strong round, and if you have one (or more) you’re probably a high-volume shooter, because what’s more enjoyable than slinging lead down-range with your favorite powerful handgun?

At 180 grain these are heavy rounds capable of inflicting serious damage on your targets. These are FMJ rounds designed for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking; they do not expand on impact and are prone to over-penetration, so make sure you have a good backstop for safety’s sake, just as with all range time. These rounds reach out to touch your target quickly with a muzzle velocity of 1000 feet per second and impact with all the power you’ve come to expect from your .40. These are virgin brass cases with boxer primer, so you can burn through the entire case, collect your spent casings, reload them, and do it all again. With these rounds you can basically shoot to your heart’s content.

There are 1000 target rounds in this case of ammo, and if that’s not a perfect number, we don’t know what is. High-volume shooters want more than 50 or 100 rounds; they need at least 1000. Every time you take your gun to the range or your favorite outdoor shooting spot, you’re affecting your marksmanship, so make those trips count. Spend time strengthening your weak areas, and before you know it you’ll be shooting better than ever. This ammunition is made by Independent, a company based in Independence, Missouri. They have a great reputation for quality so you can be confident you’re giving your gun a healthy meal. Get your order in right away, because nothing’s better than time with your gun.

1000 Rounds of 180gr FMJ .40 S&W Ammo by Independence

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