1000 Rounds of 230gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by Independence

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It was the infamous Battle of la Drang, and a unit of American soldiers was being charged by North Vietnamese Army forces that far outnumbered them. Most of the soldiers had the then-new M16’s, which were prone to issues such as failing to eject, which then caused jamming that was incredibly difficult to correct. Among them was one man who moved quickly through the ranks yelling his own brand of rallying war cry, and he uttered the now-famous words: “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!” And then CSM Plumley charged into battle brandishing only his M1911, chambered in .45 ACP. One of the most famous Army war heroes in our history trusted his .45 ACP so much he went to battle armed with only a pistol, and if you love your .45 ACP too, you need ammo.

This particular ammunition is appropriately manufactured by Independence, a company located in Independence, Missouri. Independence is a part of the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, which is a massive government-owned facility that produces billions of rounds each year. They are the single largest manufacturer of small-arms ammunition for our USAF, and they’re well-known for their insistence of adhering to high standards. After all, it’s extremely important for our troops to have good ammunition, and now you can get ammunition from the same plant that supplies the troops.

At 230 grain these are fairly heavy .45 ACP rounds, so they pack a nice punch. They’re FMJ meant for target practice, tactical training, and plinking, and they have a muzzle velocity of 890 feet per second. And thanks to Independence, they’re made in fresh brass, boxer-primed cases, so you can reload them. You get 1000 target rounds in this case, and if that isn’t absolutely fantastic, we don’t know what is. Your .45 ACP is a big gun, and big guns need big meals. On top of that, you’re never going to reach the marksmanship skills of CSM Plumley with some little 50-round box. Get your order in, and feed your gun.

1000 Rounds of 230gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by Independence

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