900 Rounds of 62gr FMJ M855 5.56x45 Ammo by Lake City on Stripper Clips

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This is the military’s renowned M855 ammunition. These are the green-tipped 5.56 NATO Penetrator rounds, known for their superior power and, of course, their exceptional penetration capabilities. These are not, however, armor-piercing rounds. They’re rated by the military for use against personnel and light vehicles, so although they do have above-average piercing abilities, they’re simply not up to the task of armor. These are steel-core rounds and have a variety of uses, and because they can also be difficult to find in stock, you don’t want to pass them by.

These are 62 grain which is just above lightweight for 5.56 NATO but is the standard weight for M855. As Full Metal Jacket rounds these do not expand on impact but simply pass through your target, and with their steel core they’re going to penetrate even more completely than the average target round. Rifle rounds can travel miles, so make sure you’ve got an exceptionally good backstop in place. Each of these rounds has impressive speed with a muzzle velocity of 3025 feet per second. This ammunition is on stripper clips in groups of ten.

You get 900 Penetrator rounds when you place your order for this ammunition from Lake City. Lake City is the military’s ammunition plant in Independence, Missouri, and produces billions of rounds each year. Every so often they have overstock, and in those situations you’re able to get your hands on some of their high-quality ammunition for personal use. Lake City was originally founded by Remington at the military’s request but is now a subsidiary of ATK, a massive ammunition company with a solid reputation in the firearms and ordnance worlds. Don’t let your chance to stock up on M855 Penetrator rounds pass you by, place your order today.

900 Rounds of 62gr FMJ M855 5.56x45 Ammo by Lake City on Stripper Clips

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