100 Rounds of 62gr FMJBT .223 Ammo by M.B.I.

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You need some ammunition you can put in your range bag without weighing it down so much you can’t possible lift it. You also need ammunition you can rely on for dependable feeding and ejecting; ammunition other shooters say has good accuracy would be nice, too. And you’d really like it to be well-priced and produced by a company with military connections. Well, today’s your lucky day, because this 100-round sealed plastic bag of .223 rounds from M.B.I. meets all that and more.

Military Ballistic Industries has an exceptional reputation for quality. This is new production, brass-case, boxer-primed ammunition, and it’s a pleasure to fire (and you can reload the, too). Avid shooters who have used these rounds say they’re great target rounds; they’re FMJBT, so they’re designed for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. M.B.I. uses components from legendary companies such as Hornady and CCI, and in many circles, their reputation precedes them. Several branches of the military and countless law enforcement agencies rely on M.B.I. for their target rounds, and now you can as well.

We understand that you expect your .223-chambered rifle to perform to a certain standard. These rounds have impressive velocity and will hit your target like a sledgehammer, so you’ll definitely have a good time. At 62 grain they’re fairly lightweight for this caliber, and that just serves to enhance their speed. And with 100 in the bag, you can get a feel for M.B.I.’s quality; we’re sure you’ll be back. These are American-made rounds made to give you more time putting holes in paper. And the more rounds you have, the more holes you can create. Don’t just order one bag; why not order three? The sky is the limit, and M.B.I. is your .223 target ammunition supplier.

100 Rounds of 62gr FMJBT .223 Ammo by M.B.I.

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