20 Rounds of 200gr SCHP .44 Mag Ammo by Magtech

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Magtech has nearly 100 years of experience manufacturing ammunition, and their design and creation process is an exact science. They produce all components at their plant to the highest standards which gives them control above and beyond that of many companies. If you’re an avid shooter with a .44 Magnum, this Magtech .44 Magnum 200 grain SCHP ammunition is a fantastic self-defense round, although that’s not all it can do.

The .44 Magnum has been proving its strength and versatility for almost 50 years, and if you want to showcase your marksmanship skills to the greatest advantage possible, you want these rounds. They’re SCHP, which means they’re lead free – a bonus for locations that no longer allow lead, sold copper – which won’t rust, deform, or cause air pollution, and hollow points, and you can use them for just about anything. It’s vital to be familiar and comfortable with the rounds you use for personal protection, so if self-defense is your goal, you need to practice now, while you can. These make solid hunting rounds, too, with reviewers saying they’ve taken down big game with them as well as using them to deplete the varmint population. And of course you can use them for target practice and tactical training.

These rounds may be a fairly heavy 200 grain – that’s 12.96 grams, but they’re still fast with a muzzle velocity of 1,296 feet per second. They maintain speed well, too, with a 50 yard velocity of 1,164 feet per second and a 100-yard velocity of 1,067 feet per second. Of course, you know .44 Magnum hits like a Mack truck, and these are just what you’d expect with a muzzle energy of 746 foot-pounds.

These rounds are made at Magtech’s Sao Paulo, Brazil, plant under the watchful eyes of the Magtech team. Perhaps best of all they have virgin brass, boxer-primed cases, so they’re reloadable: use, reload, reuse. There are 20 rounds in this box, so you’ll have enough ammunition to spend a few happy hours with your big, bad .44. Place your order today; there’s just no good reason to wait.

20 Rounds of 200gr SCHP .44 Mag Ammo by Magtech

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