20 Rounds of 165gr SCHP .45 ACP +P Ammo by Magtech First Defense

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The .45 ACP has serious stopping power. It’s one of the rare handgun calibers capable of creating hydrostatic shock even when it’s just a target round and the caliber chosen by SOCOM for regular use by the US Navy SEALs. It’s a big, bold round, and there are excellent reasons for its fan following. For one thing, despite its larger size it doesn’t have the enormous recoil many shooters expect. In addition, it has low flash and surprisingly minimal muzzle flip. It’s an effective caliber whatever you use it for and if you’re using your .45 ACP-chambered handgun for personal protection you should be loading it with an equally effective defense round.

This ammunition is 165 grain which is considered very lightweight for the caliber. These are Solid Copper Hollow Point rounds and deliver controlled expansion on impact; hollow points mushroom as they penetrate while simultaneously decelerating, creating a massive wound track and drastically reducing the chances of over-penetration. This ammunition is designed for self-defense, but it’s also wise to take the time to train with your chosen self-defense ammunition so you can get used to the greater recoil. Each of these +P rounds moves with fantastic speed, zipping down-range with a muzzle velocity of 1100 feet per second and hit hard with muzzle energy at 443 foot-pounds.

You get 20 defense rounds in this single box of ammunition. Magtech produces it at their factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and all ammunition must meet their stringent specifications. One of the greatest things about Magtech is that their factory is vertically integrated, meaning every component is made on-site. Bullets, primers, and even the brass rolls casings are made from are all manufactured on-site; not many companies have the kind of control over production Magtech does, and the proof is in their products. Self-defense is a serious matter requiring serious ammunition, and Magtech knows that. This Magtech First Defense +P ammunition gives you the ability to keep your gun loaded and ready for anything; order now.

20 Rounds of 165gr SCHP .45 ACP +P Ammo by Magtech First Defense

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