20 Rounds of 230gr JHP .45 ACP Ammo by Magtech

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Magtech Ammunition was founded in 1926, and today they’re still manufacturing quality ammunition at the same plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At Magtech, quality is taken seriously, so much so that they have something not many factories can boast: a vertically integrated plant. All of their components are produced right there on their own property, from the brass rolls needed for casings to the primers to the bullets; quality control is king at Magtech. Because they’re able to control their components so thoroughly their ammunition is truly precision manufactured and performs as you’d expect. With almost a century of experience and the ability to monitor every step of production, Magtech’s ammunition is in a class all its own.

At 230 grain these are heavy rounds for the .45 ACP, so they have fantastic knockdown power. These are Jacketed Hollow Points and capable of enormous energy transfer on impact, and, of course, they begin to expand the moment they hit your target. Their expansion is carefully control by their jacketing, so a more effective, deep wound track is created, and that is exactly what you want from a self-defense round. In addition, these are +P rounds, so they have even greater power than the average defense round. Each round flies from the barrel of your gun with a muzzle velocity of 1007 feet per second and impacts your target with a muzzle energy of 518 foot-pounds. This ammunition is produced in virgin brass cases with boxer primer, so it can be reloaded, and is non-corrosive, which extends the life of your gun.

You get 20 defense rounds in this box of ammunition from Magtech. With 20 rounds you can keep your gun loaded for personal protection purposes and also fire a few rounds down-range to get an idea what they feel like. Since these are not only defense rounds but are overpressure rounds their power is significantly increased. When you’re carrying a gun for self-defense it’s important to be familiar with your defense rounds, so you might consider buying an extra box or two of ammunition for training purposes. Even with a big cartridge like the .45 ACP your follow-up shots count, and it’s more difficult to land a good shot if you can’t get back on target quickly. Buy a few boxes today to make sure you’re ready for whatever may come.

20 Rounds of 230gr JHP .45 ACP Ammo by Magtech

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