20 Rounds of 182gr FMJBT 7.62x54r Ammo by Prvi Partizan

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7.62x54R is actually the oldest cartridge that is still being used on a regular basis by military forces around the world. It’s a rimmed rifle cartridge designed by the Russians in 1891 specifically for the bolt-action, internal-magazine fed military rifle, the Mosin-Nagant. Although the “R” in the cartridge name is sometimes believed to stand for “Russian,” it doesn’t; the “R” stands for “rimmed.” The cartridge is currently used in various sniper rifles and the PKM, a modern machine gun, among others. Mosin-Nagants remain popular today as well, largely due to their being highly affordable but also because fans truly enjoy firing them. This Prvi Partizan 7.62x54R 182 grain FMJBT ammunition will keep your rifle well fed.

These are FMJBT rounds. The FMJ means they won’t expand but instead will penetrate your target and continue to travel without a solid backstop. The BT, or boat-tail, is a feature specifically designed to increase accuracy on long-range shots. The shape helps the round resist cross-winds and maintain a flatter trajectory as well as improving ballistic coefficiency. These rounds are meant for use at target practice and training, specifically when you need to work on your distance skills.

Prvi Partizan manufactures its ammunition in Serbia in 1998 although the company was actually established in 1928 under the name FOMU. At 182 grain these are heavy rounds, which increases their ability to resist cross-winds and ups their hitting power. You’ll be pleased by their speed when you experience their muzzle velocity at 2,625 feet per second. And since they’re virgin brass, boxer-primed cases, you can reload. With 20 rounds in this box, you have 20 opportunities to put your favorite rifle through its paces. Isn’t it time you got to work on your long-range rifle skills?

20 Rounds of 182gr FMJBT 7.62x54r Ammo by Prvi Partizan

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Q: Are these rounds steel or lead core?

Posted On: 9/13/15 By: Kyle

A: Hello Kyle! The Prvi Partizan ammunition is lead core and does not contain any steel.