2000 Rounds of 147gr JHP 9mm Ammo by Prvi Partizan

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In 1990, a firearms dealer in Florida became an unwitting example of the value of being a high-volume shooter – in every way. Faced with an after-hours break-in by a somewhat mind-boggling seven men, the dealer armed himself with both a handgun and a rifle, leaving a shotgun in a retreat position in case of the worst. The dealer fired a whopping 105 rounds in a brief time, working to fire over the men’s heads to pin them down until law enforcement could arrive. In the end, 6 were jailed and 1 was dead – a man who had attempted to use the thieves also-stolen car to run the dealer down in cold blood. The incident proved the value of many things, but one was clear: having the ability to fire larger numbers of rounds is frequently a very good thing, and having the high-volume training to back it up is a life-saver.

You need training, there’s no use denying it. Whether a seasoned shooter in need of maintenance or a new shooter in need of major work, you’re going to fire a huge number of rounds in the course of your range time. It’s more than just plain fun; someday, your life may depend on it. That’s why you need this 2,000-round case of JHP’s from Prvi Partizan. Jacketed Hollow Points not only expand on impact but have more controlled expansion than average HP’s, and that means a deeper wound track. And, of course, they decelerate on impact as well, protecting innocent bystanders. If you think you should only train with FMJ’s or other target rounds, you’re wrong. Defense rounds have more power than target rounds, and you need to be fully comfortable with how they feel.

At 147 grain these are heavy 9mm rounds, which is good for self-defense. They’re made with fresh brass and boxer primer, so you can reload them, which makes them doubly useful. And they’re fast, which is vital to self-defense; they have a muzzle velocity of 984 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 316 foot-pounds. Prvi Partizan makes this ammo at their plant in Uzice, Serbia. They have a solid reputation for quality and their prices make your defense training more affordable. If you take self-defense seriously, you need this 2,000-round case of 9mm’s. High-volume shooting can save your life – but only when you have the training to back it up.

2000 Rounds of 147gr JHP 9mm Ammo by Prvi Partizan

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