20 Rounds of 45gr JHP .223 Ammo by Remington

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The .223 came out in 1964 courtesy of Remington – hence the name .223 Remington – and became instantly popular, thanks to the AR-15. It’s become the most popular rifle round in the country and is used in varmint rifles and semi-auto rifles, although the semi-auto’s are frequently used for varmint control. Its parent case was the .222 Remington, and there are definite differences between the two. The .223 was designed according to specific parameters, having been made to fit the M16, and although it first came out for use in a military rifle, its uses are varied. .223’s are used by numerous members of law enforcement, and in the civilian world see vast use for home defense, hunting, and, of course, straightforward plinking. If you use your .223 for the aforementioned varmint control, you need some good lightweight expanding rounds.

These are 45 grain rounds, making them extremely lightweight. Because they’re so light they’re capable of incredible speed, and although they’re certainly powerful it’s good to keep in mind the fact that truly lightweight rounds such as these don’t have enough mass to sufficiently penetrate larger game. These are Jacketed Hollow Points and deliver rapid energy transfer while beginning to expand immediately upon impact. Their jackets control expansion, slowing it a bit so the bullet can penetrate more fully, creating a deeper, more catastrophic wound channel. Jackets also prevent lead fouling in your gun’s barrel. Each round has blinding speed with a muzzle velocity of 3550 feet per second and impacts your target with a muzzle energy of 1259 foot-pounds. This ammunition is good for varmint control and target practice.

There are 20 JHP rounds in this single box of ammunition. Remington manufactures it at their plant in Lonoke, Arkansas, taking care to ensure each round meets their high standards for quality and performance. For 200 years Remington has been producing both firearms and ammunition for shooters like you, and the proof of their standards and dedication to excellence is in the consistent performance of their ammunition. Generations of shooters before you have turned to Remington to feed their guns, and so should you. These rounds are made in new-production brass cases with boxer primer and can be reloaded. Experienced shooters have used this ammunition successfully on varmints such as coyotes and gophers. Whether you’ve got varmint control to do or just want to do some target shooting, place your order and keep your gun loaded with Remington.

20 Rounds of 45gr JHP .223 Ammo by Remington

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