20 Rounds of 150gr MC .308 Win Ammo by Remington UMC

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Among its proponents, hydrostatic shock is believed to be a key part of both self-defense and hunting. It refers to how a projectile can cause a devastating wound and crippling effect on a living target by causing a hydraulic effect on living tissue, producing catastrophic shock. Scientific studies have shown that hydrostatic shock does, indeed, create neural damage and does produce incapacitation at a higher rate than just blood loss. It’s this kind of trauma that makes some rounds more effective than others despite – or because of – size, and with the .308 Winchester round, hydrostatic shock is thought to be a key element.

These are relatively lightweight at 150 grain, so they’re able to move down-range with increased speed. They’re Remington’s MC rounds, which are their name for FMJ, and do not expand on impact. Because of that they’re best for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. Each round flies swiftly down-range with a muzzle velocity of 2820 feet per second and impacts its target with stunning strength at a muzzle energy of 2648 foot-pounds. These rounds are new production, non-corrosive brass cases with boxer primer and can be reloaded.

You get 20 target rounds in this box, which is a great size for carrying in your pocket when you hit the range or your favorite outdoor shooting spot. It’s also a nice size for stowing in your safe, because you can never have too much ammo. This ammunition is made by Remington at their plant in Lonoke, Arkansas, and meets SAAMI or CIP specifications. Remington has been in business since 1816 and is the biggest and oldest constantly operating arms company in the U.S. as well as the biggest distributor of small arms and ammunition domestically. Their reputation precedes them, and if you try this ammunition you’ll see why.

20 Rounds of 150gr MC .308 Win Ammo by Remington UMC

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