500 Rounds of 100gr PF .357 Mag Ammo by Remington

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There are a few tips the pro’s use for steel-plate shooting. First, it’s important to shoot the center of the plates. You’ve properly sighted in your firearm, right, so make sure you actually aim for dead center, because if you’re striking the edges during practice, odds are you’ll be missing on competition day. Second, your goal should be one shot, one plate. It takes less time to make your one shot count than it does to take multiple poor shots. Third, competitors say to set up based on your most important shot, so you need to decide which plate is the most critical and set up according to that plate. Finally, practice really does make perfect, and to practice, you need more ammunition, and these Remington rounds are what you’ve been looking for.

Remington manufactured these .357 Magnum rounds with your steel-plate competitions in mind. These are PF, or Plated Frangible, rounds. They’re lead-free, which is better for your lungs and necessary for some ranges. They make worries about splashback and ricochet pretty much non-existence, because they literally disintegrate on impact. And they even go easy on your steel plates, so they last longer. It’s important to keep in mind that different firearms handle frangible rounds with varied levels of accuracy, but considering they’re meant for close-range steel-plate shooting, those variations shouldn’t be a major issue.

These are lightweight 101 grain rounds. You get 500 rounds with your order, so you can spend serious time training for your next steel-plate competition, and because they’re virgin brass cases using boxer primer, they can also be reloaded. All of Remington’s ammunition is manufactured in America; this ammunition is produced at their plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. If you want to come out on top at your next steel-plate competition, you need to get your hands on these frangible rounds. Don’t trust a win to just one 500-round box; order multiple boxes, and do it now.

357 Mag Remington Disintegrator Frangible Ammo For Sale

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  • 357 Mag Remington Disintegrator Frangible Ammo For Sale

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