50 Rounds of 125gr SJHP .38 Spl Ammo by Remington

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Shooters who see self-defense as a serious matter understand the importance of carrying hollow points. They also understand the importance of boosting their hollow point’s stopping power, and that’s why they use +P rounds like these. +P, or overpressure, rounds are loaded to a higher internal pressure than the standard for their particular cartridge. Manufacturers do that to offer greater stopping power to firearms enthusiasts, and experienced shooters know it is vital to have every possible bit of strength on their side.

These +P rounds are defense rounds, SJHP – Semi-Jacketed Hollow Points. They’re designed to provide rapid energy transfer and to begin expanding as soon as they impact your target, and that expansion leaves behind a far more devastating wound track than any FMJ through-and-through could possibly hope to manage. And because they are partially jacketed, they don’t decelerate as quickly as average hollow points do upon impact, which means they penetrate more deeply for an even more catastrophic wound. These rounds have a muzzle velocity of 945 feet per second and a muzzle velocity of 248 foot-pounds.

Dedicated shooters also want American-made ammunition, and that’s why they reach for the trademark green-and-white Remington box. Remington was founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington, and nearly two centuries later their headquarters remain in Ilion, New York, while a half dozen plants across the South produce their legendary products. Today, most of their ammunition is manufactured in Arkansas. There are 50 rounds of ammunition in this box, so you can get a feel for Remington’s defense rounds and have enough left over for your concealed carry needs. And as a bonus, they’re made with new production brass cases and boxer primer, so you can reload. In the world of firearms, hesitating is not an option, and the same thing applies to ordering ammunition. Don’t hesitate; order now.

50 Rounds of 125gr SJHP .38 Spl Ammo by Remington

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