50 Rounds of 125gr SJHP .38 Spl +P Ammo by Remington Express

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The .38 Special has quite a history. Since it came out in 1898 it’s been used by soldiers in World War I, was the standard issue for almost every police department in the country for 70 years, and has managed to retain its front-of-the-line status all along. Today there are many law enforcement officers who still use the .38 Special as their backup gun (BUG), and it’s also the preferred self-defense round for a large number of gun owners. If you use your .38 Special for personal protection, make sure you load it with the right ammunition – meaning one capable of superior power, which is exactly what these rounds are.

At 125 grain these are relatively lightweight rounds. That’s good because lighter rounds travel at higher speeds and also maintain the manageable recoil you’ve come to expect from your .38 Special. This is Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition capable of delivering rapid energy transfer and excellent controlled expansion immediately upon impact. Since the jacket controls expansion these rounds are able to penetrate more deeply than standard HPs, and that means they create larger, more devastating wound channels. These are also +P, so they have greater power overall.

Each of these rounds goes flying towards your target at a muzzle velocity of 945 feet per second and makes its mark with muzzle energy at 248 foot-pounds. It’s specifically made for self-defense, and it certainly fulfills that duty – and then some. There are 50 defense rounds in this single box of ammunition from Remington. Remington has been manufacturing ammunition since 1816, and they definitely have the process down to an exact science. Ammunition is manufactured at their Lonoke, Arkansas, plant. Get your 50-round box today and keep your gun loaded and ready for anything.

50 Rounds of 125gr SJHP .38 Spl +P Ammo by Remington Express

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