100 Rounds of 125gr SJHP .38 Spl Ammo by Remington

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Remington’s UMC – Union Metallic Cartridge Company – is legendary for producing high-quality ammunition in the United States since 1867. These .38 Special +P rounds give you the self-defense reliability you need at a reasonable rate. And with each box you purchase containing 100 rounds, you’ll be able to get some practice in while saving a few for personal protection carry as well. Or, better yet, order multiple boxes for more practice and improved accuracy.

+P means these .38 Specials gain enough power to successfully do their job: expand. The mushrooming of an SJHP can slow before reaching maximum expansion, which is why Remington loads these rounds to a higher pressure. With the extra +P boost, you can be confident this ammunition will produce both the deep penetration and maximum expansion needed in a self-defense round.

These rounds have a muzzle velocity of 945 feet per second and muzzle energy of 248 foot-pounds. And at 125 grain, they’re lighter-weight for greater control. The SJHP helps control expansion, and the boxer priming and brass cases mean they’re reloadable. Law enforcement officers and experienced shooters alike prefer this ammunition for target practice and self-defense.

Remington’s name has been synonymous with excellence for almost 150 years, and their products are made in America. Not only is this ammunition reliable and affordable, it holds the name of a company shooters and hunters have been trusting for generations. Place your order today so you can start training to protect yourself and your family.

(Before purchasing +P ammunition, please check and make sure your firearm is approved for +P ammunition.)

100 Rounds of 125gr SJHP .38 Spl Ammo by Remington

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