100 Rounds of 88gr JHP .380 ACP Ammo by Remington

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Perhaps the most famous firearm chambered in .380 ACP is the Walther PPK, a blowback-operated semi-auto pistol that was created in 1931 by the legendary German company. The pistol has an exposed hammer, double-action trigger, and fixed barrel, which serves as a guide rod for the recoil spring. It also has a single-stack magazine, allowing for a smaller grip, which many shooters enjoy. And although it was Ian Fleming who gave the little pistol its fame by making it the weapon of choice for Bond, James Bond, that isn’t actually why the gun is best-known. Perhaps a better word would be infamy, because what truly immortalized the Walther PPK was the fact that Adolf Hitler shot himself with one in 1945, effectively ending his reign of terror.

With that little piece of history in mind, yes, it is absolutely possible for the .380 ACP to be a lethal gun. Shot placement is, of course, of the utmost importance, but that tends to be true no matter what caliber you use. These Jacked Hollow Points give your .380 ACP the features it needs to be used for self-defense. They begin to mushroom immediately upon impact, but expansion is controlled by the jacketing, which creates a deeper and, thus, more devastating, wound track. At 88 grain they’re standard-yet-lightweight. These defense rounds have fantastic muzzle velocity at 990 feet per second and nice muzzle energy at 191 foot-pounds.

Remington has been around since 1816, and in those almost-200 years, they’ve cemented their place in the firearms and ammunition industry. They’re the oldest, biggest constantly-running company in the country and still make their original product – how’s that for dedication? All their ammunition is made right here in America at their plant in Lonoke, Arkansas, and they have five other plants for various production needs. Remington is all about quality, and they prove it with these great defense rounds. There are 100 rounds in the box, so you’ll have enough to keep your gun loaded and also to fire some practice rounds down-range for training purposes. Place your order today, and put your trust in the same company generations of shooters before you counted on.

100 Rounds of 88gr JHP .380 ACP Ammo by Remington

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