50 Rounds of 95gr FNEB .380 ACP Ammo by Remington

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Remington was founded in 1816 because Eliphalet Remington decided to build his very own flintlock rifle, and when people saw it in use they wanted one for themselves. Fortunately Eliphalet decided to go ahead and go into business as a gunsmith, because here we are, 200 years later, and Remington has become the oldest, largest constantly operating ammunition company in the United States. Not only that, they’re renowned for their dedication to quality and innovation not only with their ammunition but firearms as well. When it comes to legendary ammunition companies, Remington’s at the top of the list.

At 95 grain these are pretty standard-size rounds for the .380 ACP, but they’re also lightweight. They’re FNEB rounds – Flat Nose Enclosed Base – and punch nice, neat holes into paper targets, making scoring easier. And because they have that enclosed base, lead isn’t released into the air when you fire your gun, keeping the air around you far cleaner which benefits both you and those at your local range. Each round flies towards your target at a muzzle velocity of 955 feet per second and impacts with a muzzle energy of 190 foot-pounds. This ammunition is fantastic for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking, and since it’s lead-free it keeps both the air and your gun extra-clean.

You get 50 target rounds in this box of Remington ammunition, which is just enough for a brief visit to your range and a quick snack for your gun. Yes, the 50-round box size is perfect for tucking into your range bag or stacking in your safe for a rainy day, but you can always buy more than one box. Don’t risk running out at a crucial moment, just go ahead and buy at least a couple boxes today. Remington has six plants throughout the country, and each location has a primary function. Ammunition production takes place at their Lonoke, Arkansas, plant. These are reloadable, new-production, non-corrosive, brass-cased rounds with boxer primer. Get your order in and clean up your range time.

50 Rounds of 95gr FNEB .380 ACP Ammo by Remington

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