100 Rounds of 230gr JHP .45 ACP Ammo by Remington

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Our first president George Washington once said “a free people ought to be armed,” and he would certainly know. Throughout his time rising through the ranks fighting in countless battles, he proved to be both a fearless leader and a brilliant tactician. During one battle his horse was shot right out from under him – twice – and he simply kept fighting, unfazed. Although the .45 ACP came about in 1904, long after his death, you can be sure Washington would have approved of its one-shot stopping power and ability to create a devastating wound track. He believed his men fought so well because they’d been handling guns since their infancy, but he also believed in superior firepower. And that’s what the .45 ACP is: superior firepower.

This ammunition has several features that make it stand out. It’s heavy at 230 grain, upping the ante from “wow” to “holy cow.” It still moves quickly, too, with a muzzle velocity of 835 feet per second. And, of course, it delivers a solid hit at 356 foot-pounds. And because it’s JHP, it’s a fantastic defense round. Because it’s a hollow point, it has impressive energy transfer upon impact and great expansion, and because it’s jacketed, it has greater strength and also keeps your gun cleaner. .45 ACP is one big, bad round, and when it’s a defense round like this, it’s practically unstoppable.

It’s been almost 100 years since Remington was founded, and in that time the legendary company has manufactured an astronomical number of rounds to high standards. They even manufacture ammunition at the same site where the company flourished in 1928, in Ilion, New York. There are 100 defense rounds in this box, so you can take some time trying it out and still have some left over for personal protection. You carry a .45 ACP handgun because you want a powerful round to protect yourself and your family, and these Remington rounds are just what you want to load it with.

100 Rounds of 230gr JHP .45 ACP Ammo by Remington

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