50 Rounds of 115gr FNEB 9mm Ammo by Remington

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9mm is immensely popular for its capability to provide knockdown power with less recoil; the military and law enforcement spent decades relying on the 9mm, and there’s just no better recommendation than that. If you’ve been wanting to try one of the cleaner ammunitions, or if your range requires lead-free target rounds, these Remington 9mm 115 grain FNEB rounds fit the bill. Not only will you keep your gun cleaner, but you’ll also extend the life of your barrel thanks to reduced friction and the non-corrosive properties of this ammunition.

This is lightweight 115 grain ammunition, so it’s fast and won’t increase your recoil. It flies from the barrel of your gun with a muzzle velocity of 1,145 feet per second and impacts your target with a muzzle energy of 335 foot-pounds. These are FNEB – flat-nosed enclosed-base – rounds for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. They were specifically designed with lead-free primers that duplicate the ballistics of standard lead primers and standard bullet weights as well, so although they’re made to fire more cleanly, they behave the same as a standard round when it comes to ballistics. And their flat nose and enclosed base helps to prevent hot gases from vaporizing lead into the air around you as you fire. Remington makes these using fresh brass cases and boxer primer, so you can reload, making it an even greater deal.

These are Remington UMC rounds, and the Union Metallic Cartridge company has been around for 140 years while Remington has nearly two centuries behind them. Both companies are known for producing high quality ammunition, and the innovation behind these rounds is an impressive example of their dedication to the world of firearms and ammunition. There are 50 rounds in this box of ammunition, which is just enough to give you and your handgun a taste and get you coming back for more. This is American made, high-quality ammunition made for serious shooters like you.

50 Rounds of 115gr FNEB 9mm Ammo by Remington

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