500 Rounds of 115gr FNEB 9mm Ammo by Remington

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When “Cartridges of the World” named the 9mm “the world’s most popular and widely used military handgun cartridge” in 2006, the cartridge hadn’t even truly reached the height of its popularity yet. It seems the 9mm has been steadily gaining momentum since the day of its creation all the way back in 1901, and for some fairly obvious reasons. It makes a solid impact, which is important for self-defense, and does so with surprisingly manageable recoil; in addition, it’s highly affordable as compared to larger calibers. If you own a 9mm, odds are you use it for self-defense, and if you do, you need practice. After all, shot placement trumps pretty much everything else in the firearms world.

At 115 grain these are lightweight cartridges, which means they leave the barrel of your 9mm with increased speed and minimal recoil. They’re FNEB – Flat-Nose Enclosed Base – so they’re designed to make a nice, clean hole in paper targets, which is important for scoring in competitions, and the base of the bullet is enclosed, so lead isn’t released into the air during range time. They don’t expand on impact, much like a FMJ round, so they’re best for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking. Each round moves with impressive speed, flying down-range with a muzzle velocity of 1145 feet per second and impacting your target with a muzzle energy of 335 foot-pounds.

There are a fantastic 500 target rounds in this box, and that’s some serious range time! They’re made by Remington, a legendary company in the world of guns and ammunition, at the company’s Lonoke, Arkansas, plant, which is specifically set aside for manufacturing ammunition. Remington has been in business for almost 200 years and has a stellar reputation in the industry, and for good reason. And because they also understand the importance of value, they produce these rounds in fresh brass cases with boxer primer, so you can reload them. They’re also non-corrosive, so there’s less friction in your gun’s barrel. Give your 9mm a healthy, hearty meal by buying this 500-round box.

500 Rounds of 115gr FNEB 9mm Ammo by Remington

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