1060 Rounds of 147gr FMJ .308 Win Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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The history of deer hunting spans countless centuries. Depending on where you live in North America, different kinds of deer reign supreme: white-tailed deer east of the Rockies, mule deer west of the Rockies, and blacktail deer all along the west coast. Deer hunting season varies depending on what state you live in according to the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s regulations, in fact, they even restrict particular times to bows-only or rifles-only. If you hunt deer with a rifle, you’d better be getting practice in, because you don’t want your magnificent 12-point buck lost due to failed accuracy on your part. In order to get enough training, you need a lot of ammunition, like this 1060-round case from Sellier and Bellot.

It was 1825 when Louis Sellier founded what is known today as Sellier and Bellot. He got his start with percussion caps for the local military, and when he was joined in business by Jean Maria Nicolaus Bellot, the company’s products took off in the best possible way. The company was originally based in Prague, Bohemia, but today it’s located in Vlasim, Czech Republic. They’ve had nearly two centuries in business, and in that time they’ve gained significant experience. Their ammunition is a favorite for many shooters because it’s well-made and competitively priced; if you want to bag that deer this hunting season, consider placing your order before someone else beats you to it.

These are .308 Win rounds, and if you know hunting, you know how enormously popular they are. At 147 grain they’re considered fairly lightweight for the cartridge, and that means they fly down-range with even greater speed. With their Full Metal Jackets they’re created specifically so you can get ready to hunt with target practice and plinking. Each round flies down-range at the exceptional speed of 2788 feet per second and blows through your target with a muzzle energy of 2538 foot-pounds. Sellier and Bellot manufactures these in virgin brass cases with boxer primer so you can reload them and get some more training time in. You get 1060 rounds with your order, leaving you no excuse not to train for deer season. Order today so you’ll have the skill necessary to fill your deer tag.

1060 Rounds of 147gr FMJ .308 Win Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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