1000 Rounds of 180gr JHP .40 S&W Ammo by Speer

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In the Pacific Northwest, there is a major river running through Hells Canyon and emptying into the Pacific Ocean. It’s 1,078 miles long and was created a long time ago by a volcanic hot spot. One day, a sign made by the Shoshone tribe depicting a salmon in the river was misinterpreted as a snake, and that’s how the Snake River got its name. In 1943, near the shores of the famous Snake River, in Lewiston, Idaho, Vernon Speer founded Speer Bullets. He was an innovator, and his bullets are trusted and relied on by other large manufacturers. His Gold Dot defense line is relied on by countless members of law enforcement and civilians, and you, too, can place an order for the legendary Speer Gold Dot defense ammunition that is manufactured by the Snake River.

Self-defense should always be taken seriously, and when you carry a firearm for personal protection, you should take care what you load your gun with. These are JHP, Jacketed Hollow Point, rounds; they expand immediately upon impact while the strong jacket controls expansion, increases weight retention, and decreases lead fouling in your gun’s barrel. A JHP causes a devastating wound channel, and when your life depends on what you’ve got loaded in your gun, you want devastation.

These are heavy 180 grain JHP rounds. They’re fantastic for self-defense, and because a defense round doesn’t behave the same as a target round, it’s a good idea to practice with them. That’s why this 1,000-round case is an excellent choice for serious self-defense shooters. When you’re fighting for your life, the last thing you need is to be aware you skimped on training. Don’t skimp on training. Place your order now and start spending dedicated time training so you’re prepared, whatever may come.


1000 Rounds of 180gr JHP .40 S&W Ammo by Speer

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