50 Rounds of 124gr TMJ RN 9mm Ammo by Speer

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Fast Facts
  • Manufacturer Speer
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 124gr
  • Projectile Type TMJ
  • Ammo Use Type Inside Range Training, Range Training
  • Casing Type Brass
  • Quantity 50
  • Caliber 9mm
  • Manufacturer SKU 53651
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity (ft. per sec) 1090
  • Muzzle Energy (ft. pounds) 327
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 076683536518
  • Cost Per Round 33.9¢ per round
  • Description
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  • Q & A
More Details About Our 50 Rounds of 124gr TMJ RN 9mm Ammo by Speer

Speer was founded in 1944 by Vernon Speer, a man known for his creativity and innovation. Vernon served in the U.S. Navy when he was a young man, and when he was 21 he invented a new biplane engine. Determined to prove its function, Vernon simply dropped it into a plane and took off; fortunately, the engine worked just fine and Vernon’s innovation was just getting started. When he started Speer it was by renting space in the basement of a grocery store, but it wasn’t long before the company was doing so well a much larger space was needed and they moved into their current property in Lewiston, Idaho, along the Snake River. Today Speer is known for superior quality and exceptional performance.

This particular Speer ammunition is made for your 9mm. At 124 grain these are considered pretty lightweight rounds for the cartridge size, and being lighter means they’re going to fly down-range with increased speed while still retaining enough energy to make an impressive impact. These are TMJ, Total Metal Jacket, rounds, so they don’t expand on impact. Being TMJ means the bullet is fully enclosed, and that means lead isn’t released into the air when you squeeze the trigger, which keeps the air around you cleaner and keeps your gun cleaner as well. Each round has a muzzle velocity of 1090 feet per second and muzzle energy of 327 foot-pounds. This ammunition is best for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking.

There are 50 target rounds in this box. This box is the perfect size for toting in your range bag when you head to the range or your favorite outdoor shooting spot and is also a good size for stacking in your safe for a rainy (or sunny) day. And because Speer manufactures this ammunition in fresh brass cases with boxer primer, it can be reloaded, allowing for even more time at the range. Speer manufactures ammunition at their longtime plant in Lewiston, Idaho. Don’t let your 9mm sit alone, cold, and gathering dust. Spend some quality time warming up your favorite gun with this high-quality ammunition.

Shooters Reviews

Decent running ammo


Ran 150 rounds through my m&p 9mm EZ. All rounds ran great. No issues at all.

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bought a few hundred rounds shots nice


so far been through
A few hundred and no problems

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no problems at all


Good clean fun. Never had a problem with this. I've gone through maybe 500 rounds and not a misfire or eject

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Great price great ammo


Ordered 150 rounds for the range and shot everyone had no bad rounds and they were very easy one firearm

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Questions & Answears

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Is this ammo good for my cz p- 10s Posted On: 3/13/2021 By: Ron .a.
Yes sir, this is good ammo for any 9mm firearm. I'd just recommend against choosing a TMJ bullet for any firearm that has a ported barrel or compensator, which your P-10 probably hasn't.
This type of ammo, ok for my Taurus g3? Posted On: 12/28/2020 By: Thelma louise
Absolutely ma'am, this ammo should work perfectly in your G3. Just to be certain, this is training ammo. If you're looking for ammo that's specialized for self-defense, then I'd highly recommend you order this law enforcement ammo as well: ammoforsale.com/50-rounds-of-124gr-jhp-hst-9mm-ammo-by-federal-law-enforcement
Extended clip 4 a Beretta do y'all sell them Posted On: 12/22/2020 By: Reginal Charles
Sorry, we do not sell magazines.
Compared with '1000 Rounds of 115gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by Sellier & Bellot' , which one is better? and when will the 'Sellier & Bellot' be ready for order again? Thanks. Posted On: 8/29/2020 By: ZHOUFENG CHEN
Thanks for reaching out Zhoufeng! I personally believe Speer's ammunition is superior to that of Sellier & Bellot in terms of performance and reliability. This is not to suggest that Sellier & Bellot's ammo is inferior, but Speer's just so happens to be very, very good. I'm afraid I can't promise just when we'll have Sellier & Bellot's 9mm FMJ ammo back in stock, but I encourage you to check back in again soon. We are constantly getting new ammo back in stock, and we update our site daily.
Will this work for a Glock 17 Gen 4? Posted On: 8/29/2020 By: Richard Reich
Yes indeed, this is an excellent choice of 9mm ammunition for training and target practice with the Glock 17.
Hello, are these for defense and will they fit any 9mm? SR7 and other 9mm? Thank you kindly. Posted On: 8/26/2020 By: David
Hi David! This ammo is for training and target practice, not self-defense. A total metal jacket (TMJ) functions identically to a full metal jacket (FMJ) as it penetrates soft tissue, which is to say it doesn't expand at all. You ideally want a jacketed hollow point (JHP) for self-defense, which will expand. That said, the U.S. Army uses FMJ ammo in combat for humanitarian reasons, so it'd be a bit extreme to suggest this ammo couldn't neutralize a threat (with the correct aim). And to answer your second question, this ammo would make a suitable choice for any 9mm firearm. My only caution would be never to fire a TMJ through a ported barrel or ported recoil compensator. Unlike an FMJ, a TMJ's jacket could get shaved off by a port and bounce back at its shooter – as unpleasant as it sounds.
Will the 124gr TMJRN 9mm Ammo by Speer fit a Smith & Wesson 380 EZ? Thank you in advance for answering my question:>) Posted On: 8/26/2020 By: Millie
Hello Millie! 9mm ammo will not function in your S&W M&P 380 SHIELD EZ handgun. You want 380 Auto (which is the same thing as 380 ACP). I regret that we do not currently have 380 Auto in stock. Many people have just bought their first handguns in the past few months, and as they wanted a weapon that is both easy to conceal and low recoil 380 Auto fell into extremely high demand. But I hope you'll check back in with us again soon, as we regularly get in new ammo and update our site just as often!
Will this work well in a 5” AR9? Posted On: 8/24/2020 By: Scott Walkingstick
Oh yes, very much so! My only advice is to never fire a TMJ bullet through a ported barrel or ported recoil compensator. A port could shave off a thin sliver of jacket and bounce it back at you – highly unpleasant. If your AR9 has a ported barrel, please stick with FMJ.
Will this work in my S&W 9 Shield EZ? Posted On: 8/24/2020 By: Carlie
Oh yes, I believe you'll find this ammo performs very nicely in your Shield!
No reason to worry about this working with a standard P365, right? Not the SAS version... Posted On: 8/23/2020 By: JD
No reason to worry at all! This versatile ammo ought to treat any 9mm handgun well, your P365 included. The only caveat with TMJ ammo is that it may cause injury when fired through a ported barrel or ported recoil compensator, but aside from that you ought to be good to go!
Will this be good ammo for a Glock 43X? Posted On: 8/23/2020 By: tails4life
Yes indeed, I'm happy to say this would make great training, target shooting, and plinking ammo for a G43X!
Will this ammo work for a Ruger LC9? Thank you! Posted On: 8/21/2020 By: Millie
Undoubtedly, this ammo should function seamlessly in your LC9!
Good for a beretta 92? Posted On: 8/20/2020 By: Brad
I expect this ammo should treat a 92 very well! Just take care not to fire a TMJ through a ported barrel or ported recoil compensator and you'll find it makes a great choice for any 9mm firearm.
I purchased a few hundred rounds previous and again today. Hope it's ok for beretta m9a3 and troy a4 other 10 inch Posted On: 8/17/2020 By: William Tarter
Oh yes sir, I believe you'll be quite happy with this ammo's performance in those firearms. My only caution would be not to fire TMJ bullets through a ported barrel or ported recoil compensator. A barrel port could potentially slice off a thin piece of a TMJ's jacket that could bounce back at you – unpleasant.
should it be fine for Jericho 941(IWI)? Posted On: 8/10/2020 By: ilya Khodzhayev
Without question a fine choice for the Jericho!
i bought already is this ammo good for Springfield MOd 2 9mm Handgun? Thanks Posted On: 8/10/2020 By: Marc Burns
I expect this ammo should function just fine in your Mod.2!
is this good for a sig 320 Posted On: 8/10/2020 By: Rubin Lopez
This ammo is a great choice for any handgun chambered for 9mm, the P320 included. Just don't use it if your handgun has a ported barrel or ported recoil compensator, as a port may shave a sliver of jacket off and deflect it back at you.
Will these be okay for my Ec9s Posted On: 7/16/2020 By: Frank Cosenza
I can only imagine this ammo would give you problems with a ported barrel, which I'm certain your EC9s hasn't got. This ammo should function just fine in your Ruger!
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